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Shared Pop Up  Weddings are just like our custom Pop Up Weddings but we host 3-4 weddings in one day at unique venues throughout Edmonton and area. You share the cost of the venue, decor and florals for the venue, a commissioner, live musician and photographer with the other couples but your intimate 2.5 hour ceremony is exclusive to you with your own personal florals, appetizers, cake/cupcakes and bubbly.

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Saturday June 6, 2020
Sunday June 7, 2020
Rundle Family Centre

Cement walls, open beam ceilings, and walls of windows at the Rundle family centre lends itself perfectly to a

industrial style wedding.

Adding in a copper arch, candles, lots of greenery and beautiful neutral flowers will soften the space just enough to give this industrial space a romantic feel perfect for your intimate wedding, and that's not even mentioning the beautiful outdoor park setting for photos.

Pictures are for inspiration only - to convey style and mood




Saturday August 8, 2020
Sunday August 9, 2020
Alfred Savage Centre

Walls of windows, tall ceilings, warm wood tones, candles and lights to light the heart of all who attend.  A circular  arch, willow branches candles, lights,  beautiful neutral flowers and natural elements will add a warm romantic vibe to this grand space that is  perfect for your intimate wedding, and it all comes with an adjoining outdoor woodland location with walking bridges perfect for all the photos. 

Pictures are for inspiration only - to convey style and mood


Saturday October 10th 
Yorath House

The redeveloped 1949 Yorath House melds together both historical and modern elements nestled

in the beautiful Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park.

A wooden arch, lace backdrop and garden florals will provide a familiar and aged feel to this beautiful home. Add in terraced balconies and a stone fireplace and you have the perfect spot for your intimate wedding nuptials.

Pictures are for inspiration only - to convey style and mood 


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