• Valerie Loseth

Vendor Spotlight (M2S Photography)

M2S Photography is made up of Maja and Matt; a married couple and a team of destination wedding photographers. Their adventures in wedding photography began in Europe 7 years ago, where Maja was spending most of her weekends photographing weddings and Matt wanted to spend time with her, so he joined her. They moved to Edmonton 3 years ago to continue sharing their love for photography. Their goal is simple. They want to tell your wedding story through compelling images that transcend wedding photography.

Through their work, they pour emotions, dreams and a lot of Love, using their background in art and architecture. They don’t want to just give you photos, they want to give you works of art that communicate the essence of who you are, that tell stories beyond what you see, and to give you valuable memories, which don‘t fade and become something for everyone to forever treasure.

Fun Facts: - They just started making custom short 3-5 min long videos/movie trailers - They are opening their own photographic studio – As of this year, they have been photographing weddings in 10 different cities across Canada


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