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Vendor Spotlight (Marissa Loewen - Marriage Commissioner)

About Marissa Loewen, from Marissa:

"I became a marriage commissioner because I love the concept of creating the perfect non-denominational civil marriage ceremony that captures the relationship and commitment a couple is creating together. I have been married 10 years to Kreg and have built a wonderful partnership that is filled with adventure, love and laughter. I love being the officiant for other couples who are looking to create the same partnership in their lives.

I am a confident public speaker, a creative writer and a skilled herder of cats – which can come in handy for both small & large ceremonies.

I am a proud supporter of LGBTQ+ marriages, willing to participate in theme weddings and am available to travel. I will work with both partners to create as customized ceremony as you desire for small and large ceremonies. Even if you require just a simple ceremony for destination weddings and want the moment to reflect you and your partner – I would love to help make that possible.

I love to laugh, have a great sense of humour and would love to work with you on your wedding day."

Marissa has purple & blue hair - which she is willing to change to match your special theme! She loves writing custom vows that include references to the couples life together or their favourite things to do with each other and always handmakes or gift a handmade card to the couple that includes either where they got married or something about them together.

Find out more at: https://themarriagecommissioner.com/



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