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Vendor Spotlight (Silverlight Studios Photography)

Today's Vendor is Johanna Silver from Silverlight Studios Photography.

"My name is Johanna. I am a wife, mother, teacher and a passionate and creative photographer. I strive to ensure my clients receive the best customer experience and receive beautiful photos every time. Full disclosure: I love puns. And I tell a lot of "dad jokes". I also really REALLY love weddings.

My clients are the kind of people who love adventure, might be a bit quirky, maybe they even laugh at their own jokes. They like to bring their animals to their wedding or engagement session because dogs are practically people anyways and who doesn't love a goat in a bow tie? (Ask me about the time I shot a maternity session for a pig. YES, I really did and it was as AWESOME as it sounds!) My clients often become friends and I wouldn't have it any other way!

My style is vibrant, natural-looking, fun and romantic. I love rich colours and when the occasion calls for it, dramatic black & white. My approach to photography is relaxed but still strategic. I love getting to know my clients and making sure they are having fun during their engagement session, learning their love story and re-telling it through photographs. While I love creating beautiful bride and groom portraits, a lot of what I capture on the day is completely "unposed" or candid. I seek out beautiful locations and gorgeous light and if I cannot find one of those, I am ready and able to create it myself! Whether it's a dimly lit church, dark dance floor or bright sunny day, I have been honing my skills over the last few years and have stepped up my game to ensure the best result for my clients, regardless of the circumstances. I love the challenge!

I have been a professional photographer since 2011 and since then have had the opportunity to capture many unique weddings and engagements. In 2016, and again in 2018, I was honoured to win The Best of T8N Magazine award for Wedding Photography.

My wedding work has been featured on www.HowHeAsked.com, Bitchless Bride, Snap Knot and in the Bridal Guide. I love to travel and am available for commissioned work world wide."

You can find Johanna's work at https://www.silverlightpics.com/ or on Instagram at @silverlightpics


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