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Pop Up Morning Wedding

Start the Day Off Right.

Feed your Bridal Party while getting ready and make this celebration standing out! 

A thoughtful surprise for your friend, or sibling.

You maybe cannot attend but want to offer something Special for that precious person.

PRE or POST Wedding Brunch. Some people are coming from out of town to be there for your memorable moment; gather your loved ones and create another unforgettable moment with them.

Starting at $200.00 +gst

Wedding Reception



What's Included 

  • Personalize your breakfast or lunch wedding ceremony in the most delicious ways with our Planner!

  • A beautiful floral arrangement matching your colour theme.

  • Set up and display on your table.

Delivery - Take Down

  • Once we know the exact venue location and your needs, we will be able to inform you the additional fee applying. 

You are thinking about a filling, nutritious breakfast or lunch options for your wedding party that will tide them over until the reception. Refreshing drinks, a floral arrangement.

Tell us your needs and vision, we will Make it Happen just for you!


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