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These testimonials offer a glimpse into the personalized and dedicated service we provide, ensuring your wedding day becomes a cherished memory too.

I have already suggested this method to a few people even for renewal of vows. Just sit back and relax then enjoy. This was a truly enriching process for us both. We entered marriage without any financial burdens ( less on a serious note for persons who have started a life together already this is the recommended course it allows the couple to seamlessly transition to another chapter in their story.

- Taneshia & Hugh

My husband and I unfortunately had to change our big wedding plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We decided to look into Pop Up Weddings as an alternative, and Val and Sevy did not disappoint! They were wonderful to work with, taking care of all the organizing while still providing us with opportunities to customize our small ceremony. We are so thankful we found them and ended up having the most perfect day!

- Jordan & Erik

We were so lucky to have Valerie and Sevy work with us for our intimate wedding. As we are sure many couples experienced this year due to COVID-19, we were faced with new challenges and needed to plan an intimate ceremony that was different from what we had first imagined. Sevy and Valerie were so amazing in working with us to create what we had envisioned and made the process so much easier! Thank you both for your time, attention, and care. You made our day even more memorable and perfect.

- Rachel & Matthew

When we hired POP UP we didn't know what to expect, other than we were dealing with the fact we had to cancel our 2020 spring wedding. We were crushed and over this year. We wanted someone to take over and help with our elopement. My mother suggested them and for the price, why not? We didn't know what we were getting... Between the floral arrangements, the details they brought to the day, the suggestions for commissioner, food, placement, etc - all of it. Was worth more than double what we paid. Easily. Our back up plan elopement turned into a dream day. One of our few guests said it was the most intimate and beautiful weddings they had ever been to. We can not thank Val and Sevy enough for what they did for us. I recommend this to anyone, pandemic or not - for their wedding.

- Amanda & Jeremy​​

We had a great experience with this company! Made everything super easy and accommodated our every want. Sevy went above and beyond. Went as as far as to knock on a strangers door so I could use their washroom before the ceremony haha! Thank you again for everything it was a perfect day!

- Katie & Mike

Their quality service is one of a kind. These ladies know what they're doing and hiring popupweddingsyeg won't get you into all that financial debt couples get into after their wedding expenses. They're truly changing the local wedding scene and reminding people how beautiful wedding ceremonies used to be -- personal and unique to each and every couple.

- Stephen & Jo

Pop Up Weddings helped to make our day a great success! Their flexibility and attentiveness allowed us to choose which of their services worked best for us and still gave us the freedom to pull in resources from outside of their usual playbook. On the day, they helped everything to flow smoothly and were right there to support all the way. They were outstanding!

- Amy & Paul

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